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5 April 08:30 - 11:30The Park - A brand new co-working space


The days of "human resource" are over. Your organisation is comprised of real people with real aspirations about what they do. Of actual humans.

In a competitive marketplace in which highly skilled "nomads" can work from anywhere and choose from any project worldwide, how people experience working in/with your organisation will ultimately determine your competitive position.

From getting hired to retention and re-entry, creating a culture which is "by design" is key. Good news is that moving from buzzword to tangible is easy and inexpensive. All it takes is determination, mindset and tools. If you provide the determination, we will encourage and provide the rest.

This workshop is the first in a series of micro-events designed specifically for people working in human resources. You'll learn a new set of tools and easy methods to shift thinking away from process/target orientated to human-centred experience design.


- A set of easy-to-use tools that apply to any level of the employee journey.

- How to confidently apply the learning with your team and business.

- What it actually feels like to experience the methods first hand during the event.

What to expect

- A safe environment to bring your whole self, meet other curious people and learn new tools.

- The unexpected. From the moment you click register to when you exit the workshop.

- To be out of your comfort zone, where the magic happens!

Also, the event is a chance to help you build a network of like-minded people and build a more collaborative momentum – to access knowledge and support.

All you need to know

We have limited this event to 30 people to maximise the environment and learning.

Please come with a curious and open mind. We are designing unique experiences after all!

Refreshments and breakfast will be served.

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Organized by

Morten Raahauge

A Certified Experience Economy Expert from Pine & Gillmore's "Strategic Horizons", Morten has worked intensively with Experience Design - applying his expertise to business and organisational development projects spanning from public transport to architecture.

“I'm here to tell you that everyone can be an experience designer; that experience design is NOT expensive; that the ROI is massive and that it's relatively easy. All it takes is a slight re-adjustment of your mindset. So I'm here to encourage and provide you with a set of easy-to-use tools”.

Steve Usher

A certified design thinker and sprint facilitator. Steve is currently on a mission to help people working in HR utilise the full potential of design when shaping the employee experience.

“I’m excited to co-create this event. I genuinely see a need amongst HR professionals to evolve how they tackle complex problems. Helping to shift thinking away from exclusively process and target orientated to human-centred and experience led. We’ve got some interesting perspectives to share and a couple of surprises too!”